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PET plant opens near Moscow


Petainer has opened a new site in Russia producing recyclable PET beer kegs and water cooler bottles for the local market.

The factory, which is located 40 miles from Moscow in Klin, is equipped with a blowing machine capable of manufacturing 700 kegs per hour, up to a maximum keg size of 50kg.

The facility is currently supplying 20 and 30-litre PetainerKegs to customers in Russia, as well as Belarus and the Ukraine.

Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett, Strategy Director at Petainer, said: Russia is a very important market and our Klin factory will enable us to tap into the rapid growth opportunities in this part of the world. The new production unit boasts the very latest technology and produces kegs and containers that adhere to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.

PetainerKegs are lightweight beverage containers manufactured in recyclable PET, are available with one-wa fittings that enable them to be connected to existing tapping systems for draught beer.

PetainerCoolers are also made out of PET, and contain zero bisphenol-A (BPA), making them a safer alternative to other coolers on the market. They are environmentally friendly, returnable and refillable, and designed to be compatible with major water cooler dispensers or dispensing systems.

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